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Square Solutions

Square Solutions is an innovative team of engineers applying information technology to specialist business needs. Our areas of expertise include:

Building evacuation and incident management systems

TecAlert II is an integrated voice/data application for directing communications between the security control centre in a shopping precinct and the shop and amenity units. It provides control over building evacuation and incident management. TecAlert II provides building security managers and guards with the tools to manage general tasks and emergencies including the orderly evacuation of large office buildings, shopping malls or campus complexes. By notifying floor marshals in advance of public address messages, a more controlled evacuation can be achieved. more...

Web content management system

Our COMS product is a Web Content Management system combining database storage of articles with a simple authoring process and a flexible gateway to back office legacy systems. This has been developed originally for local authority and other e-government installations where an open ended amount of information needs to be stored and delivered to visitors. It fully supports multi language operation including Welsh. more COMS...

Automated voice systems (IVR)

We have over 15 years experience of building IVR solutions based on the hardware and software platforms of both Intel Dialogic and Eicon Networks. Solutions include IVR systems utilising Voice over IP (VOIP) networks with full PABX functionality. We have the expertise to integrate voice applications into back office computer systems to deliver real value to organisations and their callers. more IVR...

Call and contact centres

Square Solutions and its partner companies can supply total solutions for call centre communications and fulfilment processing; visit our partner company at www.squaresystems.co.uk if you are looking for a supplier of such systems.

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